About us

S/Y Stina Mari​

Operated by Atlantic Playground A/S​

Home port: Stavanger, Norway​

Maximum 12 guests, 8-12 beds​

LOA 13,44 meters, Draught 2,1m, Beam 3,8m, GRT 18 tons.​

Sail area 112 m2, sailing height 16m​

Built by Djupevaag Trebåtbyggeri in 1987.​

Based on Colin Archers drawings from 1902 “Cruiser til Købehavn”​

Completely refurbished in 2022/23 to the highest standards to cater for a high-end classic yacht sailing experience for our customers.​ ​

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Colin Archer

​​World famous Norwegian naval architect and shipbuilder, known for his seaworthy pilot and rescue boats, sailing yachts and polar ships.​

Designed and built the 140 feet polar ship Fram, which was used by both Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen in their polar expeditions.​

Supplied the first ketch-rigged rescue vessels for the Norwegian rescue service, saving hundreds of fishermen from 1893 to 1960. ​

Built around 60 private yachts ​​ ​

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Colin Archer Sailing and​ Atlantic Playground AS​​​

Established to operate S/Y Stina Mari for sailing and advetnures ​

Owned Håvard Hjertvik and Dag Kaada​

Håvard Hjertvik

Highly experienced sailor with several Atlantic crossings and sailing in higher altitudes​

Captain onboard S/Y Stina Mari​

Scuba divemaster and freediver​

Skier, mountaineerer, and kitesurfer ​

Dag Sigvart Kaada​

Mountain climber, mountaineerer, skiier, and sailor​

Lawyer by profession ​ ​